Vignettes for a Sad Life (Original EP) By Language Games

Discover POP Vignettes for a Sad Life (Original EP) By Language Games

Language Games just made their debut with "Vignettes for a Sad Life". A perfectly made record for all the indie-rock lovers out there. Language Games aka Kurt is a Prague-based Chinese indie rock musician, he has experience with many genres like reggae, jazz, rock, and more. The talented singer draws influence from his background in theatre, and all his expertise to make his ground shattering music.

The EP's five songs will have you wanting more." MR Ego", a well-written song with an incredible guitar intro and flawless drum work, is the ideal opener to start the album with. The song tells the story of two lost individuals who are drawn to the wrong things, and you can only guess how chaotic things are going to get. The second song, "Bandit," is a sad tale about a drug addict who is homeless and struggling to make it in life. The instrumentals are quite calming, and the vocals are incredibly haunting.

Moving on to track number three "Killing Fields", and oh my god is this song is incredible. This is the core of this ep, from his soothing vocals to the incredible guitar play; it’s a song that will stick in your head for a long time. Adding to the incredible production on the track, the lyrics are incredibly relatable. Talking about a man who is losing all of his enthusiasm for life and is stifling his passion by doing something he despises. This tune in particular resonates with many individuals on a personal level; it is unquestionably a brilliant single.

The fourth song on the album, "Symbiotic Love," is about being attached to someone while still being in love with the person. Kurt's tremendously deep voice, which is well-packed gives the song a haunting and mournful quality, what I believe truly carries it.

Last but not least, "Xanax Holiday," you could only guess what the song is about. One of the greatest album closes I've heard in a very long time, and a wonderful finale for this beautifully crafted album. This excellent album comes to a spectacular close with the harmonies sounding amazing and his high note being faultless.

There aren't, in my opinion, any words to adequately convey how perfect this EP is. I had to remind myself that this was only his debut album; just think of his next albums. Everything about this work of art is insanely fantastic, including the lyrics, vocals, and music. I wholeheartedly suggest this record to everyone! Check out "Vignettes for a Sad Life" on your streaming platform to see what I mean !!

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