Velvet Halo's self-titled EP is a recent find that I've been listening to. This record captured my attention from the very first notes.

The EP opens with "Words Fail," and it sets the tone. Sweeping piano chords and Justina Shandler's breathtaking vocals move you straight into a dream world. I felt like I was fluttering among the clouds as the ethereal melodies floated over me. The way her voice blends so seamlessly with David Thiele's production is just magical.

Track two, "Fool Again," had me feeling nostalgic even though I'd never heard it before! The melody is catchy. I found myself humming it right away after my first listen. David's work on this one is simply exquisite.

If you're in the mood for something with a little more soul, check out the duet "Warm Night." Justina and her featured artist light up the track with their harmonies. It's a song for cuddling up on the couch with someone special. The production takes on a warm, jazzy vibe thanks to David's skills behind the boards. A personal favorite has to be the wistful "Nothing Left." Justina's vocals are stripped back and vulnerable, exposing her deepest feelings. David complements the melancholy mood with a sparse, haunting backdrop. This song had me feeling all the feels in a good way!

The closing track "Find Me" was a nice way to end the EP on an upbeat note. David infuses lo-fi beats and samples to give it that perfect indie-pop vibe. It left me with a smile on my face, ready to hit listen again and start the journey all over again.

What I love most about "Velvet Halo" is the way Justina and David use melody and lyrics to move the listener. Each song tells a story and evokes a variety of emotions. David's tasteful production never overpowers Justina's stunning vocals. They truly complement each other. The EP flows beautifully from start to finish as a cozy audiobook for the feels.

I can't recommend "Velvet Halo" enough. David and Justina are outstanding musicians and composers. I'm eager to see what ideas they generate next. Stream "Velvet Halo." Huge thanks and respect to Justina and David for sharing their magic with us.

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