It has been a while since Post Death Soundtrack last rocked the underground metal scene with a full unique album. But waiting for their fourth full record, "Veil Lifter" was 100% worth it. Released on April 16th, the 11-song album shows the duo of Jon Ireson and Stephen Moore stripping away extra sounds to show their rawest and most emotional work yet.

The album has a mix of doom, grunge, hardcore, and sludge that gets straight to the heart of what Post Death Soundtrack is about musically. Inspired by how heavy and cool Black Sabbath and Alice In Chains were, "Veil Lifter" also reminds me of modern bands like Russian Circles, Windhand, and YOB.

It starts with a short intro "At The Edge of It All" that pulls you in with haunting singing right away. Then the killer track "The Die is Cast" explodes with pounding drums and winding guitars. The song "Killer Of The Doubt" pairs a rousing bassline with guitar solos reaching for the sky. Atmospheric textures bring experimental color to the tense "Icy Underground" too. At 7 minutes, "Icy Underground" provides ample time to explore its crushing sonic terrain. The song flows through passages that alternately pummel the listener or enthrall them with intoxicating melodicism.

This album has been worth waiting years for! The Vancouver duo boiled it down to what matters musically.  The drummer drives the beat like a machine across the whole 50-minute album. His precise patterns push the songs with their alternating screams and melodic parts. You can also hear technical tricks ramping up "Arjuna's Hunting Hand" with intricate changes.

On the crushing "Lowdown Animal," the powerful singing convinces you to just rock out. Hissing singing guides through the world of "Tide Turns Red"’s big rhythm. 

The most intense parts are saved for last. "Pin Prick" is an exercise in pounding build-up and release. The closer "Hammer Come Down" ends the emotional ride with one final surge. "Immovable" sits between them as the epic climax, unleashing endless fury with a huge intro.

With years in the making, "Veil Lifter" shows Post Death Soundtrack revealing their most gorgeous and most personal work yet. Without extra production tricks, what's left is the real essence of how profound the band's sound is in its purest form. With "Veil Lifter," they outdid themselves and set a new standard for their evolving sound. It's an unflinching lesson in powerful music that you don't want to miss.

Give the tracks from "Veil Lifter" a listen to taste Post Death Soundtrack's rawest artistic message. The almost hour-long album delivers a compelling release that'll get under your skin deep. 

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