Vargen By VARGEN


Vargen is one of the most intriguing artistic visionaries I've come across in recent years. As a listener open to diverse genres, I'm frequently inspired by creative pioneers willing to explore multiple sounds and styles. The self-titled album, simply entitled "Vargen," was an absolute pleasure to experience from beginning to end - and it only deepened my admiration for his wide-ranging skills and chameleonic nature.

The album opens with "Mindy Morning", taking the listener on a peaceful Sunday stroll down a quiet sidewalk. All it takes is the gentle acoustic guitar strums to set the scene and mood. His understated playing lets the beauty of the melody shine through without extra flourishes. It's the perfect way to ease listeners into his varied melodious world.

From there, things picked up more momentum. "Like a Bird of Pray" channels that rootsy spirit through an intense yet earnest piano and strings-driven ballad, Vargen pours his soul into the lyrics, keeping you hooked all the way through. "Tar & Feathers" also draws from those classic roots influences but with a little more sorrow in the delivery.

"Easter Soul" was one of my biggest surprises - its stunning guitar work takes you back to an earlier era. Vargen evokes that vintage blues/rock sound so authentically, that it's easy to close your eyes and get swept up in the performance.

Things take an unexpected left turn with "Toxicon", as Vargen conjures up an imaginary after-hours jazz club. It's one of the most unique tracks I've heard all year in terms of sound and vibe.

Things get playfully whimsical with "Them Cats" - the guitar notes had me grinning from ear to ear. Only Vargen could pull off mixing outlandish sound effects with his impeccable finger-picking skills. And "The Bitch in Me" is just downright mesmerizing, walking the line between unabashed blues and seduction with its smoky tone and risqué lyrics.

The album comes to a somber, dramatic conclusion with "The Bullfighter" and "A Midnight Dreary". The former slithers into your consciousness with its simple yet dark melody. The epic closing track is like a film unfolding before your eyes, building chills through the guitar and playing out like a climax of darkness and mystery. It left me on the edge waiting to hit replay.

Through nine wildly varying yet cohesive tracks, Vargen shows why he's not confined to any one style or sound. He wears his influences proudly while staying unpredictable and fresh. I have the utmost respect for true musical Renaissance people like Vargen who can flawlessly shift between genres. His latest self-titled album kept me engrossed from beginning to end, revealing new delights with each listen. It's a masterclass in what one multi-talented artist can achieve. Vargen has surely cemented himself as one of the most fascinating singer-songwriters making music today. You can find Vargen's latest release on all major streaming platforms like Spotify, so make sure you stream it in full today.

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