Vagrants (Original Album) By Lake Palmer

HYPE Vagrants (Original Album) By Lake Palmer

Lake Palmer has finally put their album "Vagrants" on streaming platforms. A project that was unfortunately put on hold following the loss of guitarist Dom DiBlasio. "Vagrants" was recorded previous to the band's breakup, the record was released in 2016, and wasn’t available on streaming platforms like spotify until now.

"Take My Life" is the album's opening track, and it quickly takes the listener's attention. A wonderful blend of country, folk, and rock. The song is a mix of sentimental melodies and sensations, with a hammering banjo rhythm coupled with beautiful guitar play and violin melodies. Then deep vocals come on the track and level up the song. The acoustic guitar's lush on "Giving UP" wonderfully portrays the song's mood, the vocals are gloomy, and the harmonies add to the effect. We follow with track number three, "Spit In My Face", a magnificent song with rich orchestration, powerful vocal performances, and a mesmerizing tune. Now onto the upbeat song "My Girl", the song is very simple with beautiful lyrics; this song feels romantic with the way violins and upbeat drums carry it. "Fear" has a mellow tempo, is innocent and endearing, with delicate vocals and acoustic guitar strumming, and is the ideal tune for stargazing. My favorite song, "Closing Time," which has a banjo and a melancholy violin sound, has really sad lyrics and a gloomy production overall It is a wonderful, rich tune. Next, I'll skip to "Into the Fire," another one of my favorites. Like fire, this song feels liberating, and the track continued rising like flames in the night. The appropriate way to finish such an album is with "Take Me Home," which has a really nostalgic vibe and extremely calming tunes.

Every song on this album offers a tale that should be enjoyed, thus the tracks must be played in the correct order. It's a flawless album with outstanding songs and production from beginning to end. We are grateful that they chose to bless the world by making it available on streaming sites since the songs are varied and pure. The late Dom DiBlasio is undoubtedly beaming with pride as he watches the members completing this amazing project.

You don't want to miss out on the enjoyment of listening to this album, so enjoy the songs right away on Spotify, and show the members some love by following them on social media.

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