Unseen (Original Single) By venice lockjaw & StarAV

TOP BEST HITS Unseen (Original Single) By venice lockjaw & StarAV

StarAV, the incredible artist is back again with a new incredible single that is going through the charts, so get those fire extinguishers ready because this latest release is on FIRE. The single comes with a collaboration of another rising artist known as Venice Lockjaw; a BEAST behind the guitar with great vocals and professional production. StarAV and Venice Lockjaw's collaboration came after StarAV stumbled upon Venice while hunting for collaboration for his next single. It’s as if talent is meant to find talent. "Unseen" has been recorded and re-mastered through different stages; Venice and StarAV recorded their pieces at StarAV’s home before going back and forth in a series of adjustments to release the final masterpiece of what you will be tuning in to. Sean Franco assisted in the vocals mix and Juan from PowerStudios mastered the track before having it published. The song speaks about the ghosts of the past and the pursuit of dreams, something we all can relate to as we take on new entrepreneurship. Our past is pulling down on us as we push forward to achieve what we’re truly destined for. The storyline of the song depicts the burning of the past to achieve one’s dreams. As if the artist is trying to tell his audience it is okay to let go of things that have been holding you down in the past as long as you keep pushing forward. The music behind this piece features a mixture of drums and guitars and amazing vocals that all synergize to provide unmatched entertainment.


StarAV is a true talent inspired by the likes of Radiohead, Beach House & Arca; he’s determined to walk in their footsteps and become a global star. With a humble social media presence, StarAV is not holding back, giving it all he’s got as he works on building a bigger fan base. So, be sure to check his latest single "Unseen" ft Venice Lockjaw and once you’ve fallen in love with it, be sure to show him all the support and recognition he deserves.

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