Universal Love By DR DAWSOUND


Do you ever feel like dancing among the stars? Or taking a melodious trip through time? Well then Dr. Dawsound's new song collection, "Universal Love" is for YOU!

Dr. Dawsound is from Marseille, France, and he is not a regular music maker. As a "classic beatmaker" he takes his time building each song from scratch, with no samples or loops. Still, he makes upbeat pop and dance tunes that feel vintage. Even Better, he can switch between styles like nobody's business, from pop to dancehall to Latin to rock and everything in between! Put on some Dr. Dawsound and get your boogie on through the galaxy and across the ages.

It's no surprise then that upon listening to his 12-song collection for the first time, I felt like I'd been transported through time and across genres. "Stellar Pulse" kicked things off with a bang, its pulsing synth line and beat immediately pulling me onto the dancefloor. Next, the funky synth work of "Electric Heartbeat" had me feeling like I was cruising through outer space.

The album continues its genre-hopping journey with the disco-tinged "In My House (Good Vibes)" and the pop-flavored "Girl in a Hurry - D.R Mix." Both tracks had me swaying and smiling thanks to their feel-good melodies and rhythms. Speaking of dance vibes, "Blue" took me to the dancehall with its keys drenched in effects and a foot-tapping rhythm section.

After that stellar first half, things took a more stylized turn. "Deadline" brought to mind scenes of lightsaber battles with its gorgeous synthwork and pulsating groove. "Perfect Time" brought the voyage to a beautifully introspective close with its deep, chilling sound design, the perfect comedown after the dance party of the album's earlier tracks.

Dr. Dawsound has a rare rhythmic versatility, which is no doubt aided by his process of composing each song from scratch without shortcuts. The results are catchy, vibrant pop-dance tracks with vintage textures that feel fresh. It's also apparent he takes pride in his job, enlisting the mixing skills of award-winning engineer Daniela Rivera to bring his visions to life.

Check out Dr. Dawsound's new album! From start to end it's certain to get your feet moving through all types of groovy vibes, funk, disco, and more. Just hit play and let the tunes carry you away on a musical mission! Whether you're exploring galaxies or eras, "Universal Love" will be the dopest soundtrack. Don't wait, press play and let your boogie journey begin.

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