Uncontrollable (Original Single) By Call To The Void

TOP BEST HITS Uncontrollable (Original Single) By Call To The Void

There's something special brewing in the gritty garages and dingy basements of South East London. Melodic magic is born of nostalgic and novel influences, channeling the energy and angst of 90s grunge through a modern sensibility. At the center of this alchemical reaction are Call to the Void, a four-piece poised to ignite the airwaves with their combustible new single "Uncontrollable."

Formed from the ashes of their former band DENY ALL, Call to the Void coalesced around the creative nucleus of brothers John and Matt McGlade on guitar and drums respectively. Lifelong friends with bassist John Settle, the McGlade brothers were searching for a frontman to complete their vision when they found Jack Osborne, a vocal powerhouse evoking the range and rawness of grunge legends past. Rounding out the lineup on bass is John Settle, bringing a solid low end to anchor the controlled chaos.

From the first crunching riff, "Uncontrollable" announces itself as an anthem for the ages. The guitar work is the fuel powering this high-octane ride, all distorted power chords and great solos. The playing reaches melodic heights through a haze of fuzz and beauty. Augmenting the guitar's roar are Matt McGlade's drums, crashing on the drums, propelling the song forward with a life of its own.

At the center of the piece is Jack Osborne's voice, a raspy pitch providing the hook, oozing emotion and angst as they scale the heights of his range. The combination proves positively primal, tapping into something visceral that can't be constrained. Call to the Void are making music for today from the detritus of yesterday. "Uncontrollable" in particular reads like a scene from 1992, all flannel, ripped jeans, and rebellion.

Capturing the essence of an era without being bound to its tropes is no easy feat, but it's one Call to the Void pull-off with panache. "Uncontrollable" is a hot ride through rock's storied history, paying homage to its heroes all while crafting something new. The future of rock is here; you just have to listen. So give them a shot right away on their social pages. Stream the song and follow the band to always stay tuned.


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