Unconditional By DEEP DIVE SPECIES


Deep Dive Species continues to impress with the release of their tender single "Unconditional." This song tells a story of love without needing lots of instruments. But the way the notes are put together says so much. The composers of this song, Vadim Militsin and Sergiy Popovich, designed this song to help you relax, and remember love. Even if at times the song makes you feel emotional, you will appreciate it.

The guitar is the main anchor of the tune. It's electric, but not loud, it's summery, and just nice. There is evident piano playing that adds to the song. The lead guitar repeats the main melody, but slowly, as the song goes on, you hear new strings being played out.

With the music, the melody changed just a little, and I was able to feel even more with it. A sense of wanting started coming through the intertwining notes. Though quiet, the music sure knows how to fill your mind.

And the video captures the feeling perfectly. Created like an old film, it's like a string of surreal paintings brought to life. Figures interact in symbolic, dreamlike scenes that mirror how the song explores love. Together with the music, it sends a moving message that really sticks with you.

There is so much emotion in the song. And it's not overwhelming, it's lightweight, and you get attached to it. I found myself thinking about the song even after it ended. The piano and strings together say so much about love in a gentle way. As I see it, this type of music is one of the most special types of music. It's the kind that makes you feel something deep inside you. Vadim and Sergey are talented at crafting songs with such feelings with no words at all. As I continued to listen to it, it kept to astonish me more and more. Even though the song is a little bit simplistic, it hits right at the core of my heart.

Deep Dive Species know how to pack big emotions into a simple musical space. Through gradual changes and repeating the main melody, they construct a work that feels so intimate. This is just a taste of what their new full album will be. Ambient, post-rock, and classical fans should keep an ear out; there's more impressive music to come from this talented duo. Stream "Unconditional" on Spotify today if you want to feel love and freedom.

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