Kelsie Kimberlin is an immensely talented 24-year-old singer-songwriter from Florida. Active in music from a young age, she has spent thousands of hours mastering her art to always show her best side to fans. Kelsie's fluidity allows her to traverse an array of genres, and she is a household name for her prolific songwriting abilities. With a huge number of original songs recorded to date, Kelsie has collaborated with esteemed producers worldwide. Her numbers across social media speak for themselves.

Now, with the release of her new single "Twinkle" and accompanying video, Kelsie is focusing on two things: her immense performative gifts, and also her commitment to using her substantial platform for important social advocacy.

"Twinkle" sees Kelsie draw deeply from her well of empathetic lyrical instincts and intuitive melodic strengths to put forth a buoyant piece that carries a profoundly meaningful payload. It has glistering guitars that work gracefully with Kelsie’s winsome, resilient vocals, wrapping the listener in a comforting embrace while also energizing their higher-level cognitive functions, toward contemplation of the track’s heartening message you in a loving hug, while also making you want to dance.

In the song, Kelsie delivers her inspiring narrative celebrating 12-year-old transgender rights activist Dempsey Jara. Kelsie brings Dempsey’s zest for life and crusade for equality shining through. She combines this with a melodic sense of style that is certain to lodge itself vibrantly within the listener’s consciousness. That is what makes "Twinkle" an anthem to both educate and motivate impactful societal growth.

The song also features a brilliant music video that has representation and love through breathtaking cinematography that brings Kelsie and Dempsey’s heartwarming friendship vibrantly to life. Directed with masterful care by Kelsie herself on equipment optimized for intimacy, the visual component tells Dempsey's story while radiating a spirit so overwhelmingly positive it serves to weaken even the toughest of walls erected by fear and division. Archival scenes granting a window into Dempsey’s joyous upbringing in a family offering unconditional nurturing poignantly contrast the cruelty of those wishing to rob others of the same.

Upon repeated listens to "Twinkle", I noticed how much Kelsie grew as an artist. What initially sounds like straightforward pop is imbued with deeper layers of symbolism and emotion. She has always been good, but "Twinkle" is next level.

I urge all to stream this eye-opening collection, which most certainly will endure as one of 2024's most rewarding debut efforts.

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