Tus Ojos (Original Single) By Dj Moderno

TOP BEST HITSTus Ojos (Original Single) By Dj Moderno

July 14, 2022 by saiidzeidan
Tus Ojos (Original Single) By Dj Moderno Tus Ojos (Original Single) By Dj Moderno

Here is the latest single from the Dj, producer, and musician Dj Moderno "Tus Ojos."As of 2020, the artist has been producing content and releasing it under his name, DJ Moderno. A long-playing title "La Nave Nodriza". Moderno performs his songs and covers of mythical electronic songs with several supporting musicians. The song features a dance-driving groove and a bassy sub that shakes the ground before reaching your body so that every frequency is felt. In addition to solid and attractive lyrics, the melodies are also original, and the clip is well produced and well suited for the original single.

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