Turn the Beat Up By B~NYCEBEATS


Have you ever had a sense of time travel while listening to a song? Well, the song "Turn the Beat Up" by B~nYceBeats gave me one of those sensations.

I had the impression that I was driving down the road with the windows down, blasting some hot hip-hop music on the radio, while I listened to the song. It's crazy what a good song can accomplish. The beats hit hard and the flow is so crunchy. It gives me major nostalgia vibes from the golden days of hip-hop.

The song starts with synth blasts that kick it off, B~nYceBeats shows you right away what’s special about this track. There's an infectious energy and swagger to the production that makes it impossible not to start bouncing along. The percussion in particular slaps, with crispy snares and booming kicks that give the song such driving momentum.

Paired with those memorable beats is the smooth-as-silk flow of the MC. His laid-back delivery is reminiscent of iconic hip-hop performers from the Golden Era like Snoop Dogg or, of course, 2Pac. There's an effortless quality to B~nYceBeats' bars that makes the track so listenable. The wordplay is not super complex, but it fits the vibe perfectly.

The nostalgic West Coast hip-hop aesthetic ties everything together. From the beats to the flow to the overall atmosphere, it creates, "Turn the Beat Up" feels straight out of the 90s heyday of Cali rap. Closing my eyes, I can picture palm trees, drop-top rides, and sunny skies as I'm transported back to a simpler time. Even without mentioning specific places, people, or events, B~nYceBeats imbues the song with such a strong sense of time and setting. It's a true blast from the past that puts a smile on your face.

After jamming to that track, all I can say is Bravo! It took me back while also feeling as fresh as can be. The beats are next-level funky and the flow is smoother than silk. No doubt this song will keep spinning for years to come. How could you not dance when the groove is that good? I was daydreaming and swaying the entire time.

You don't need to search far for a tune to start the celebration every time. This one is a guaranteed banger. Be sure to stream it on all your favorite platforms, so the artist gets their props. And check out Tntindasrteets.com for more of more dope music.

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