Tropical Nights By ROMAN ANGELOS


Roman Angelos is the musical project of Brooklyn-based multi-instrumentalist and founder Rich Bennett, an inventive creator who has developed an innovative vehicle to explore his original obsessions with atmospheric library recordings. Rich Bennett, along with a group of talented and qualified musicians, have successfully achieved distinction in their invention of their instrument, and they have reached over 5,9k monthly streams on Spotify.

The adept and proficient group is made up of Bennett who plays guitar in addition to other knowledgeable members such as Brittany Anjou on vibraphone, Diedre Rodman-Struck on piano, Ben Zwerin on bass, Spencer Cohen on drums, Dennis Boolyoins on percussion, Rose Rutledge on flute, Kai Sandoval on trumpet, and Nadav Nirenberg on trombone. This project claims the seat of its throne and boasts an album that’s not only a magnum opus but also is titled "Tropical Nites."

Now, the leading single "Motorbike Journey" starts by gently taking the listener on a tour with a rhythmic vibraphone line from Brittany Anjou inviting the trombone to enter, which then fills the space with its winding loops of sound. The track erupts with moments of glancing making it quite intriguing. The next tracks continue with this combination of full instrumentation and transitions.

"Regretful Echoes" is a kaleidoscope of the world of music with its exotic flute elements, keys, and lead guitar. Drums and percussion fire up an imposing dystopian scene in "Secret Officers Meeting" while windowed brass and wind create a mysterious effect.

On the title track "Tropical Nites" the flute glimmers over the percussive canvas. The acoustic art of "Bella in Nighttown" comes to the surface among a multitude of original instrumental phrasings, among which there is one that resembles a traditional tabla the most. "Breezeway" shows how complex the layering and the interaction of instruments are with the guitar and flute almost in the background of soft drums. "Lady Of Singapore" is a very smooth track that uses many subtleties such as vibraphone and beautiful textures that lead to its ethereal mood.

The album ends with "Unwritten Letters", and it is the softest note at the end. The sound of the flute flies to the listener and from it brings feelings of farewell. The melodies go over the top of the trombone while the strings’ whispers are so gentle. The blend, which is a result of perfect mixing and mastering, is fantastic on "Tropical Nites" and one should have a lot of fun exploring the music.

Fine adjustments in syncopation and chord progressions help carry on the ten tracks' entertainment. Vibrant brass sections, inflections on the vibraphone, and intricate guitar passages are the cornerstones of Roman Angelos’ dexterity on the instruments. From a listener's standpoint, I was fascinated by the elaborate nature of the production. Synths are cleverly employed to move across them, vibrato is heard in both channels, while the alto flute dives into the other side. Every component is crystal-clear and precisely balanced. The mix has a sonorous and natural quality.

The album never gets you bored, and it goes on so smoothly. Roman Angelos have done an amazing musical project. "Tropical Nites" is already one of my most enjoyed albums after listening to it just yesterday. "Tropical Nites" is also a mark of their further advancement in the band’s creative realm. This is thus far one of the best albums of 2024. Visit Spotify & start with "Tropical Nites" for a sublime musical trip on your own.

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