TREASON (feat. Alba Rose) (Original Single) By Bravo Bonez

HYPE TREASON (feat. Alba Rose) (Original Single) By Bravo Bonez

New Zealand-based Bravo Bonez constantly makes sure to provide the greatest music for our ears and prevents us from becoming tired of it. This time, the artist is back with a brand-new, insanely entertaining song called "Treason," which blends a variety of genres and instruments.

Instrumentals that you wouldn't imagine hearing throughout the song are widely utilized. It's incredibly experimental, with a unique blend of soaring strings, jazz instruments, and flute, as well as a really intriguing vocal performance by the feature on the song, Alba Rose. Extremely creative orchestral beats are blended in with the rhythms and are propelled by the guitar and base. Halfway through the song, it becomes clear how talented Bravo Bonez is with music. His exploratory approach is absolutely amazing, and it's influenced by vibrant arrangements and ear-pleasing textures. Despite the almost five-minute track's lively cheerful music, Alba's vocals, which really elevate this effort, are what give it its warm, cozy vibe.

I myself particularly like orchestral arrangements in pop songs, since they show how talented the creative team is. Such a masterpiece requires both aptitude and a lot of time to create.

Bravo Bonez has had a very interesting life. Earlier in his life, he decided to follow the road of Mammon instead of pursuing his musical profession. He made the decision to abandon everything and pursue the long-forgotten goal of his 21-year-old self after learning that his actual passion for music had been disregarded several years before. In a joint project named ARLS with Alba as well, Bravo made a comeback into music. The song they produced was a trip-hop hit single called "Lucky." Additionally, he has two other musical ventures, including LearningtoDrive, in which Bonez releases music with influences from the 1980s post-punk and 1990s trip-hop. He now merges several musical styles, including jazz, house, post-punk, and more, using artists like Boards of Canada, Aphex Twin, Crime Heat, and The Impending Adorations as creative influences.

I always get excited when Bravo Bonez releases a new record, and this one is no exception. He definitely put himself on the map with "Treason" and is gaining more followers as a result of the project. Visit any streaming service to enjoy this work and others, and follow him on social media to stay up to date with the artist.


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