Top chill VibesTranscendental (Original Single) By Sdar Lotus

June 23, 2022 by saiidzeidan
 Transcendental (Original Single) By Sdar Lotus Transcendental (Original Single) By Sdar Lotus

Transcendental by Sdar Lotus is the song that just screams divine femininity and purpose. This song has such relaxing and soothing vibes especially with Sdar using the frequency of the universe (432 hz) and the frequency of the healing heart chakra (528 hz) . Sdar Lotus is really doing us all a spiritual and healing favor by releasing this soul soothing and healing track, that is not only good for the mind and soul but is a really enjoyable euphoric listen. I hope you give Transcendental a listen not only for the fact that it is a great song but because it is a healing frequency filled track that is good for the spirit and soul.

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