A crazy rock trip is about to begin with Vanilla Franco. Joey Quinn's solo project Vanilla Franco, based in Suffolk, has undoubtedly lived up to his guiding principle of "go loud" with his debut album, Traction. You can't help but be drawn in by this album, which keeps you hanging until the very end.

"Building Pressure," the album's first track, is an incredible belter. You can tell you're headed for a thrilling journey with this track's thunderous percussion fills and crazy guitar work. The sound is similar to the force that pins you back into your seat when you press the throttle pedal in terms of rhythm. "Picnic" is the next song; despite its endearing title, this tune is really intense. I was headbanging to the grating, crackly guitar chords that were full of static.

Things take a slightly more melodious turn with "Good Time," but only slightly. While the keys provide a sunny backdrop, the guitar work weaves in intricate little details that had me grinning from ear to ear. Then comes "Invisible Boys," an absolute gem of a track that sucks you into its hypnotic groove.

By the time "The Arena" rolls around, you feel like you're losing yourself in a high-energy live show. It perfectly captures the euphoric feeling and abandon of performing in front of a massive crowd. The keys shine on "Monkey on a Mission," their bright, bouncing tone provides the perfect vehicle for the signature sunny guitar lines. It's impossible not to bop along! Things take a suave 007 twist with "James Bond" - slick guitar licks and a driving beat get you straight to the opening credits of the spy thriller.

And just when you think the album can't possibly top itself, the seven-minute epic "Planes and Trains (Capitol Operational)" arrives. Across its sprawling runtime, this track traverses countless landscapes and moods, yet never loses its infectious energy or gritty charm. The album comes full circle with its closing track "Learn Something," a quirky, off-kilter number that feels both retro and futuristic. Its rhythms and loopy basslines are the perfect bookend to this thrilling adventure.

From start to finish, Traction is a non-stop thrill ride. The artist displays incredible dexterity. Each song has its unique character and flair, despite the cohesive high-octane energy binding them all together. As a solo project, the level of musicianship Quinn demonstrates is astonishing. You feel the love and dedication poured into every note. Traction proves that big things can come in small, hometown packages. Crank up the volume and hit play on Traction today. Vanilla Franco is most certainly living up to his "Go Loud" mantra. This is one album I'll be revisiting on repeat for a long time to come.

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