Toxic Love Stories EP (Original EP) By Avaraj

TOP BEST HITSToxic Love Stories EP (Original EP) By Avaraj

June 18, 2022 by saiidzeidan
Toxic Love Stories EP (Original EP) By Avaraj Toxic Love Stories EP (Original EP) By Avaraj

Check out The latest Ep from Avaraj. Toxic Love is a situation we have all gone through. Some of us went into difficult situations, like body and mind toxication, some of us started doing drugs to relieve our pain, and some started being alcoholics. The only thing in life that taste the real suffering is our soul beyond our body. Average wrote this EP for all the victims that might have suffered the toxicity and cruelty of this bad part of life experience. As we listen to each track of this EP, every way has its own characteristics and topic for a different case, and you can feel it with the rich lyrics and the beautiful vocals from the artist. Regarding the quality, I only offer the best and skip the rest. Please give it a listen because this project will ease your pain and make you feel better!!

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