Discover POPToo Close (Original Single) by Gemïny

July 5, 2022 by saiidzeidan
Too Close (Original Single) by Gemïny Too Close (Original Single) by Gemïny

Too Close (Original Single) by Gemïny is  a pop-soul track with nostalgic r&b vocals that erupts into a haunting vocal composition that screams that this toxic relationship has to come to a close. A track filled with the consequences of a one-sided love Gemïny and Joshua Florez worked together on this production to conjure a theatrical and chilling performance lead by the vocals. synthesizing a versatile array of genres within the vocals from R&B to rock and pop. I personally found this track to be an immersive experience, when wearing headphones it takes you to a new world with the vocal layering and tones of this track, especially the story that it tells makes your mind wander and spin conjuring new possibilities and actions. I would advise everyone to give this track a listen because it truly is an amazing listen.

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