Time of my life (Original Single) By Rob Lea

HYPE Time of my life (Original Single) By Rob Lea

Blackpool-based singer-songwriter Rob Lea has made a comeback with his new song, "Time of My Life." Rob genuinely expresses how he's always been driven to improve things for his family and children in this song. He acknowledges that life always presents us with challenges, but he will never let that stop him from moving forward. He is therefore encouraging himself and his audience to constantly have the Time of their Life by singing this song.

Prior to beginning his solo career, he served as the frontman of Majesty, one of the biggest Queen tribute bands in the world. He had the chance to play in front of large crowds and even participate in the ITV show Starstruck portraying his idol, Freddie Mercury, thanks to the tribute band, which also granted him a lot of other incredible possibilities. He is presently aiming toward a solo chapter where he just concentrates on his solo career, now that the band chapter has come to an end.

In his solo career, "Time of my life" is the fourth single of the year, and the musician has already seen significant stream growth. Rob acknowledges and expresses gratitude to the people and crowds he has played for throughout the years for shaping his music into what it is today.

The music is positive and lively, certain to put a smile on your face. "I work all day, it’s making you delirious / No need to scream / I promise you I’ll finish when I’m done." is a very fun and relatable line in the song's lyrics. Once you're done listening to it, there's no way this song won't be on your playlist. The overall bright tunes, which include his vocals, a vibrant guitar, bass and drums, are excellent happy melodies that don't get boring or dull. The song has a really classic-rock vibe to it, which fits Rob's style very well, in my opinion. The instrumentation is powerful and amazing, and it will truly make you dance and have the time of your life.

Rob undoubtedly had a purpose when he wrote the song; he is aware that many would find solace in his lyrics and music. I'm pleased I was able to hear it, too; the upbeat vibe truly improved my spirits and made me grin all day. Listen to "Time of my life" on Spotify and keep up with him on social media for more news.

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