JUST ROCKThrowback (Original Album) By Roy Shakked

August 16, 2022 by saiidzeidan

Throwback (Original Album) By Roy Shakked is a creative retro alternative pop album that is catchy and upbeat, Throwback the album has 10 unique and groovey singles.

Roy Shakked is the singer and writer of each single on throwback the album, and he perfectly captures the essence of 70s and 80s groove, the nostalgic singles have angelic vocals accompanied by simple and catchy lyrics that draw attention and add to the livelihood of them.

I am in love with the beats melodies and instruments used in this album, all of the tracks have a unique vibe, but all of them remain with the same breathtaking groove, I personally enjoyed "Nothing you can do" and "playback" most.

Roy Shakked is a creative genius, his newest album Throwback is a thoughtfully crafted capsule into the past. I am in love with "Throwback" the album by Roy Shakked; you must give it a listen.

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