Three Minute Noodles (Original Album) By Rj Bacon

TOP BEST HITS Three Minute Noodles (Original Album) By Rj Bacon

"Three Minute Noodles" is Rj Bacon's latest jazz noir outing. Seven intimate tracks recorded in RJ Bacon's Sydney studio but bearing the unmistakable pulse of a late-night jazz club.

The jazzy album begins with "Beach Shadows", instantly transporting the listener to a Manhattan jazz club where they are the center of attention. Every note lustrous with gloss and sheen, from the subtle swing of the cymbals to the sparks flying off the keys. There is not a hair out of place in this pristine, well-tailored jazz suit.

Moving on to "West 44th", a more relaxed and subdued feel emerges. The keys take the lead on this track, their melodies are woven through the subtle undertones of the instruments. "West 44th" pervades with a sense of laid-back sophistication, the jazz here is lounging and luxurious, like enjoying a cigar and fine brandy.

In contrast, "Ten Pin" is twinkling with vivacity and cheer. An energetic enthusiasm bubbles up through the notes, evoking the effervescence of a fun and carefree atmosphere.

"Late in the Day" introduces a light drumbeat, maintaining the album’s jazzy essence while amplifying the rhythm. The drums beat at a steady, unrushed pace as the guitar and keys glitter and shine, creating a glow that is utterly radiant yet restrained. The music is like sunlight on polished wood, warm without being overwhelming.

"All I See" contains the album’s most prominent strings, their melodies rising above the other elements yet never overpowering them. A vibrant yet mellow vibe prevails, reminiscent of a dreamy haze. The strings shimmer like silken threads, weaving a veil of sound over the listener until they feel suspended in a surreal space.

"Three Minute Noodle" showcases the jazziest and grooviest instrumentals of the collection. The saxophone takes center stage here, its riffs and runs the highlight of this jazztastic track. Layers of sound weave together into a lush, intricate tapestry. Groovy, gritty, and gloriously fuzzy, this piece epitomizes the core jazz funk spirit.

Finally, "Her White Dress" evokes the feeling of an evening coming to an end, but the jazz spirit remains. A halo of keys opens the track, their light and airy sounds suggesting the lacy hem of a champagne-colored gown. The last few notes linger in the air, a sweet and wistful aftertaste reminding the listener of all they have just experienced. While the album has ended, its memorable sounds and sophisticated style continue on, ghostly and ethereal as the imaginary vision of "Her White Dress".

This album is ripe for streaming on Spotify, enabling listeners to return again and again to its elegant ambiance and vibrant grooves. Beyond the music, Rj Bacon's talent and artistic vision deserve following across social media platforms. RJ Bacon is an artist deserving all the love and support, as he is creating truly remarkable music!

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