Thoughts, Conversations, and To Do Lists (Original Album) By FIONA ROSS

TOP BEST HITS Thoughts, Conversations, and To Do Lists (Original Album) By FIONA ROSS

The magic tones of Fiona Ross's voice beckon you into a dimly lit jazz club, curling around piano chords and trumpet melodies like cigarette smoke suspended in the spotlights. With her latest album, "Thoughts, Conversations, and To Do Lists," Ross sweeps you away to a different era, one filled with the rhythmic pulse of the upright bass and the flutter of brushes on cymbals. This is an album that lives and breathes jazz, even as it pushes the genre into new and exciting directions.

From the very first track, "Will You Leave My Mind," Ross casts a spell, her voice skipping playfully over a melody so simple yet catchy it embeds itself into your brain. It's the musical equivalent of a perfect first date, filled with flirtatious energy and promise.

With "I Want To Know," Ross channels her inner Broadway siren, a coy smile in her voice as she croons over driving piano chords and a reedy brass. You can envision her in a slinky red dress, commanding the stage at a packed theatre. Things get more fusion-oriented with "The Small Things", combining jazz and neo-soul in a harmonious balance. Ross's playful vocals imbue the track with joy and levity, demonstrating her versatility as an artist. This youthful energy continues on " Push Me Around In A Pushchair", utilizing lush strings, sweet chords and raw feeling to deliver a quintessentially neo-soul track.

A lively swing rhythm propels the upbeat "Looking At My To Do List" forward, allowing Ross's voice to dance effortlessly over the verses. The momentum continues with "The Best Version of Me", where guitar melodies intertwine with jazz flavors to create a groovy and soulful sound.

As its name suggests, "The Trumpet Man" prominently features the trumpet, creating an alluring and attractive jazz sound. Ross's vocals float effortlessly over the melodic instrumental line, tugging the listener further into the gorgeous soundscape.

The more subdued "Look What You've Become" shows a different side of Ross with its light guitar strumming and emotive vocals. Moving straight into the sweet "Always There For Me" , breathtaking swinging drums kick things into high jazz gear. This personal highlight features a simplicity and earnestness that epitomizes the best of the genre.

Things pick up once again with the energetic "The Don't Stop Just Breathe Ragtime", brimming with an infectious enthusiasm that gets your body and soul moving.

The album wraps up perfectly with "Thursday Thoughts", utilizing fast-paced piano and dynamic instrumentation to bring all the varied elements of the record together for a grand conclusion.

I absolutely love how the simple yet majestic album cover perfectly encapsulates the nuanced spirit of Ross's music within. Against a mattress, Ross gazes upward into the light, her eyes alight with wonder. Her red hair frames her porcelain skin and delicate features, projecting an aura of serenity and creative intensity. There is a sense of tranquility yet ambition in her expression, mirroring the meditative yet lively soundscapes that fill the album.

This album is a living jazz being, each track a new aquatic adventure with the magical Fiona Ross as our captain. Like her album cover, Fiona glows sublimely from within, a jazz angel beaming exquisite light. Let her illuminate your listening -- you'll be glad you took the plunge. Stream the album on any streaming platform you choose, and follow Fiona to always stay updated on any of her latest songs and albums.


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