This Was Gonna Last (Original Album) By Butterfly Garden

JUST ROCK This Was Gonna Last (Original Album) By Butterfly Garden

Butterfly Garden's debut album "This Was Gonna Last" is a mellowed and thoughtful descent into memories. Bolstered by gorgeous textures and stunning vocals, the album constructs a melancholic ambience that draws the listener profoundly into its splendid beats.

Butterfly Garden surrounds their emotive vocals with layers of synths, guitars, and bass that swell and recede like tides. Songs like "Little Moon" feature subtle synths and strings that rise and fall beneath breathy vocals, creating a wash of warmth and nostalgia. The track feels like drifting in and out of a dream from which one never fully awakens. While the opening track "17" is defined by its catchy and thrilling guitar riffs. The rhythmic chords and licks create a sense of energy and motion that carries through the whole song, the interplay between guitars creates layers of texture and tone that give "17" depth and dimension. "Bradley" is a soft gem, nodding to post-punk with chiming guitars and a propulsive bassline. But even in these darker shades, Butterfly Garden's production fills the song with solace.

Every track becomes its own distinct world, delicate yet haunting, drawing the listener further into realms of memory. Subtle touches like ambient noise and palm-muted strums linger long after each song fades away, clinging to the listener like ghosts. Tracks like "Tinted Windows" have a cinematic, haunted quality, with a spacious, wistful vibe that makes the listener feel as though they've entered a deeply personal space not often shared with outsiders.

"Virginia" closes the album with a sweeping, dream-pop sensibility, its sound is melancholic and wide, fading into obscurity like a fading memory. Overall, "This Was Gonna Last" establishes Butterfly Garden as a group crafting an atmosphere with the care of architects and a fondness for bittersweet spaces. By embracing their emotions, they've built a sonic world expansive enough to get lost within.

With breathtaking vocals and production as compelling as poetry, Butterfly Garden crafts an album chilling enough to linger forever in the listener's mind. "This Was Gonna Last" refuses to release its grip, even once the final notes have rung their last. Stream the album right away on Spotify, and follow Butterfly Garden for more instant hits to add to your playlist.

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