This Summer Won’t Last By ANNA SALMAN


Anna Salman is making a name for herself in the indie pop music scene. Her first EP called "This Summer Won't Last" just came out, and it's a gorgeous EP from start to finish. Across six songs, Salman shares very personal stories about love and heartbreak. She pours her heart out and doesn't hold anything back, which I fully respect.

Even though the songs are about sad topics like breakups, Anna Salman makes them super catchy. She has built a big fan base for her storytelling and lyrics, with over 2.5k monthly listeners and more than 300k streams on Spotify.

On "This Summer Won't Last," she embraces her "sad girl" image but pairs it with upbeat melodies. So instead of just focusing on being sad, the EP gives off more of a bittersweet feeling. It makes you feel like it's the end of summer, a little sad it's over but also happy you made memories.

This EP kicks off with an emotional song called "Not the One." Right away you can tell Anna pours her heart into her singing. Over some simple piano, she realizes a relationship isn't going to work. The next song "I'd Like to Think" has a dreamy sound. Things pick up with "Summer," which is fitting since it's about moving into a happier season. She sings about looking forward while the guitar plays in the background.

"Miracle Worker" is a personal favorite with a super catchy pop hook. Anna sings it so effortlessly about seeing an ex move on. Then "Blood Rush" with Turaab takes things in a dizzying direction. The song is about how love can be unpredictable.

"High School" looks back on a past romance from when Anna was younger. Breaking up young is so hard, and she captures those rollercoaster emotions perfectly. The EP wraps up with "Thanks for Not Loving Me" where Anna leaves what seemed like a good relationship. It's powerful and leaves you feeling like the story is complete.

Throughout, Anna's tender voice is supported by simple but thoughtful instrumentals from producers Rakae Jamil, Farhan Ali, and Abu Baker Zahid. They recorded at Red Brick Studios.

On her first EP "This Summer Won't Last," Anna Salman introduces herself as someone who's just getting started but is super talented. She blends her feelings with beautiful melodies that get stuck in your head. If you like Phoebe Bridgers or Clairo, you have to check out Anna Salman this summer! She puts just as much heart into her music. You can listen to the whole EP right now on Spotify.

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