Proklaim is without a doubt one of the most talented MCs in the game right now. He has serious skills on the mic, and he put all of them on display with his latest single "Thieves."

Right from the get-go, Proklaim came locked and loaded on this one. His flow is butter smooth as always, but there's an added intensity to it on "Thieves." You can feel how passionately he's delivering these bars while packing some serious substance into every line. This isn’t your average flex rap - Proklaim always has something meaningful to say.

The beat on this is immaculate too. It's super catchy and energizing but also allows Proklaim's lyrics to shine through clearly. Some producers will cram too many layers on, and it ends up muddying the vocals. Not on this track though - the instrumental and Proklaim are in perfect sync the whole time. He paints such vivid pictures with his words. You feel like you're right there in whatever scene he's describing. There's obviously crazy wordplay and flow too, but it never feels like he's just showing off - it always serves the deeper meaning behind the track.

Another thing I love is how the track builds with each new listen. At first, I was mainly vibing about the beat and appealing flow. But the more I paid attention to the lyrics, the more layers I noticed. Proklaim is dropping gems the entire time. There are layers upon layers of meaning if you dissect what he's saying. His storytelling ability is unreal.

It's like he's crafting a work of art with his words. You can listen a dozen times and still pick up on nuances you hadn't caught before. The level of detail and care he puts into his songwriting is seriously impressive. It makes the listening experience so rich and rewarding to find new things with each play through. Not many artists out there can hold your attention over multiple listens the way Proklaim does.

If you're a true hip-hop head who appreciates raw skill, substance, and excellent songcraft, you owe it to yourself to check out "Thieves." Proklaim isn't just one of the most talented MCs - he's pushing the entire culture forward with releases like this. He raises the bar higher every time.

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