These Old Jeans By LA NEED MACHINE


One of the most interesting new indie bands to come out of Seattle in recent years is La Need Machine. "These Old Jeans," their sophomore song, is a stunning illustration of their distinct sound.

I first came across La Need Machine when their breakout single "I Wish I Could Fly." Its wistful lyrics and lilting melodies immediately drew me in. There was something refreshingly honest about the vocals and the way the instruments surrounded the sound with gentle acoustic textures. It was the kind of song I found myself returning to again and again.

When I heard La Need Machine are back with another new track called "These Old Jeans," my excitement grew. The band had proven themselves as thoughtful songwriters with real staying power. I was eager to hear how they might build on their initial success.

To my delight, "These Old Jeans" does not disappoint. The song expands the band's sonic palette in subtle, impactful ways. The lyrics talk about learning from past mistakes and acquiring wisdom. The tender delivery imbues the words with deep sincerity. The arrangement is stripped down but sounds stirring. An acoustic guitar anchors the song with a steady, melodic pulse. Floating piano interjects at key moments, enhancing the atmosphere.

La Need Machine creates such an enveloping soundscape despite using delicate acoustic instruments. There is an expert economy of arrangement at play. Every note and vocal phrase appearance is purposefully placed. The song builds subtly, with piano flourishes and gorgeous harmonies entering at just the right moments. But it always helps the core intimacy established from the beginning. An aching guitar line swells with the vocals throughout the song, but the instrumental remains restrained.

By the climactic final chorus, the vocal harmonies have been stripped down to glorious accompaniment, accompanied by just very light melodies. It's a wonderful ending that lingers in memory. "These Old Jeans" sticks with the listener long after it finishes, its bittersweet sentiments resonating deeply.

With only two singles, La Need Machine have proven themselves as deeply thoughtful songwriters capable of crafting emotionally stirring folk-pop. Their restrained arrangements allow vulnerable lyrics and vocals to shine. It's an approach that feels wholly authentic, resonating long after the final notes fade. "These Old Jeans" is a phenomenal addition to their discography so far, one that will no doubt win them even more new fans. Make sure you add it today to your regular rotation.

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