There (Original Single) by Patty duffey

HYPE There (Original Single) by Patty duffey

Patty Duffey just dropped her new single "THERE" and we couldn’t be more excited. A bright upbeat song about how your friends can be there for you no matter the circumstance, through all stages of life through thick and thin. How lovely!

"There" is peaceful, comforting, and delightful; it reminds me of my best pals. Patty Duffey's lovely voice, combined with the well-played guitar riffs, makes you feel as though you're strolling around the park with your best friend as the sun sets. The music is incredibly easy on the ears, and you'll find yourself tapping your feet as soon as you hear it. Because of how cozy it is, the music immediately touched my heart. Even on your worst days, you will be transported to a happier place by the three-minute song.

The talented singer wrote this song after a call with her best buddies, realizing how important it is to have your friends by your side. "One recent day, three separate calls from friends made me realize how comforting it is to know when people have your back. At that point, the writing of "There" began and memories of both current and long-term cherished friendships were incorporated into the song."

Duffey also confessed how the title could’ve been "Have my back", as it is one lyric that stands out in the song and has a very emotional meaning but the team kept it as "There" given its message that friends are always very loyal without asking for anything back, and will be "there" for you when you need them.

The first lyric, "You will always be there, everywhere," begins slowly, giving the impression that this is a ballad. However, the speed quickly changed to joyous guitar riffs and lively tunes. The words are straightforward, serving as a reminder that a good friend will always have your back. Aside from the beautiful message, what makes this song so great is the catchy beat; it's a very well-made pop tune.

Patty Duffey crafted a stunning masterpiece, emphasizing the beauty of friendship via simple words and cheerful melodies. It's a song you want to send to your best friend to remind them that you'll always be there for them. So make sure to give her song a listen and share it for the world to hear.

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