Then and Now and Now is Then (Original Album) By Steve Sperry

TOP BEST HITS Then and Now and Now is Then (Original Album) By Steve Sperry

Steve Sperry, known professionally as Steve Smith, has returned to the music scene with his latest album "Then and Now and Now is Then." By day, Steve works as a biochemical process engineer, but by night, his passion comes alive through his music production. Heavily influenced by house music and electronic sounds, Steve aims to transport listeners back to the energetic and melodic feel of the early 2000s. His new 7-track album lights the senses and inspires movement from start to finish.

The album kicks off with "Flying Under the Ben Franklin," an upbeat, fast-paced song with an elastic and building momentum. The tempo is lively and spirited, setting the mood for future transports. "The Moon Room" follows with a pleasant, vintage vibe reminiscent of an enjoyable gaming soundtrack. Delightful synths and arrangement make this a standout track, evoking nostalgia for simpler times.

"Bad Things Happen in Philadelphia" bursts through as an absolute club jam. Versatile beats transition smoothly from high intensity to low, keeping listeners on their toes longing for every change. The energy is intoxicating and carefree, excellent for late-night revelry.

The club feels continues to build with "X Marks the Spot," another highlight filled with life and vigor. Unfettered drumbeats set a sense of ease as the music washes over you. Each transition carries you away to a place of flowing escape. The album culminates in the epic finale "Million Dollar Scratchie," a super harmonious synth and key-driven jam unlike anything else.

The overall sound is an aural blessing, with no two songs alike yet flowing together in immaculate harmony. From start to finish, "Then and Now and Now is Then" is a journey, just as Steve Sperry intended. His passion for bringing listeners the same irrepressible energy and emotion of the early electronic era shines through in every meticulously crafted track. Seamless beats and synths exhilarate you through time, simultaneously nostalgic and brand new.

Steve Sperry has delivered a timeless gift to electronic music fans with this album. "Then and Now and Now is Then" sets the perfect tempo for a kinetic ride from past to present and back again. The album awaits your eager streaming on Spotify. Make sure also to follow Steve on social media to stay up to date on his latest endeavors.


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