The World’s Gone Up In Smoke (Original Video) by Johanna Dadap

HYPE The World’s Gone Up In Smoke (Original Video) by Johanna Dadap

If you haven't already listened to this mesmerizing single then your missing out on a lot.  Johanna Dadap has released her magnificent single "The World's Gone Up In Smoke" on the 25th of august 2022, following it with a remarkable video clip release that completes the whole atmosphere of the single on the 7th of september 2022, two lucky days for the the people of the world and their tired planet.

Johana Dapap is a young artist from the Philippenes, the pop singer and songwriter is only 19 years old but her young age doesn't stop her from writing and creating marvelous music that'll most certainly blow you away.

"The World's Gone Up In Smoke" is a meaningful and important single that talks about the world and how we've neglected it letting our beautiful green earth go up in smoke through the world forgetting to take care of global warming and fixing the environmental issues that are very important for the health of our planet and its future generations.

Johana Dapap is a marvelous artist who is beyond her years, making important and necessary music that's simply amazing, her vocals are enchanting and tuneful, and her lyricism is brilliant showing us the full extent of her talent.  This single was completed with the production provided by Paul 'Taffy' White and the backing arrangements delivered with a George Harrison flair.

The magical single has a music video that you must watch, showcasing Johana Dapap singing in nature portraying the stunning single in a new light. Be sure to check out Johana Dapap, as all of her work is simply magnetic, support her and give her latest single and its music video a listen, you won't regret it!


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