The Unintended Consequences of TimeTravel (Original Album) By MDK FLA

The 10-track album “The Unintended Consequences of Time Travel” by MDK FLA aka Matthew Cobis, is unquestionably the record of a lifetime. Over 30 minutes long, the complete album is made up of amazing and fresh pieces.

The first tune, “Enough,” is such a powerful rock anthem that it most certainly belongs in an action movie. It’s excellently crafted and full of energizing electronic components that make reference to the futuristic sound aspects of the 1990s. More fervent guitar playing is heard as the song goes on, and the vocals are excellent and perfectly match the music. Clean acoustic guitar and quick percussion are featured in “Ancestor Worship,” and the vocals are sung in a foreign language. Although there are many dispersed electronic components, the stunning acoustic solo that served as the track’s foundation really shines out in my opinion.

The third song, “Not Done With You,” features upbeat guitar chords and that familiar pop-funk vibe that we all adore. I would say that this is my personal favorite song because of the way the production is done. The vocals are smooth and really gripping, and the bassline on this song is so deep and really sticks out. The song “Devastation” is trendy and the production is really new; it is more EDM and electro and would fit great on any club playlist. The album’s centerpiece and highlight, “Savage,” features old-school hip-hop elements, insane lyricism, and an extremely savage sound.

One of the most versatile tracks I’ve ever heard is “John Titor,” which blends aspects of all genres—from pop to EDM to rock—and really displays MDK FLA’s ability.

The drums, guitars, and basslines are the main musical instruments in the rock song “Unabated.” This song’s melody actually moves from one ear to the other, and the rap flow will once again captivate you. Another song that I really loved and enjoyed a great deal is “Vamp,” which has a wonderful soundscape and really delicate chord guitar playing. The music is really bittersweet and feels so intimate to the heart.

Finally, the closing tune, “Not Done With You – Extended Version,” is basically the extended version of the third track, but I appreciate MDK FLA making it longer since it is pure pleasure and an insane track that you will love listening to.

The music on the album was mesmerizing to listen to; altogether, I found nothing to be lacking and really appreciated the entire work as it is truly divine. When you listen to the album, you’ll notice how the songs really stand out and will suit the preferences of everybody. All of the songs are quite distinctive and diverse in their own ways. I wholeheartedly encourage you to listen to the album more than once. Just like for me, I’m sure it will wind up being one of your all-time favorite albums. By listening to “The Unintended Consequences of Time Travel” on Spotify, you can show MDK FLA some love and keep up with all of his latest news and releases on his socials.

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