The Reason (Original Single) By Ben-J

Discover POP The Reason (Original Single) By Ben-J

Ben-J is a rising new artist that has released his first-ever single "The Reason" and we can tell you this new song is fire! Born in France Ben-J is a singer-songwriter from Lausanne (CH), born in France that is aiming to take over the music industry with his unique genre-bending music.

While we were unable to directly set hands on specifically what his genre is, we can definitely tell you it is incredible and it is his own. Ben-J’s music seems to be inspired by the music aura you’d expect in a Vikings burial ceremony combined with the beat and lyrical style of "BassHunter’ a massively successful Swedish singer. His music is uplifting and inspiring yet keeps its energetic theme to it. We are unsure of how he’s managed to do that, but, it sure does require an immense amount of talent and skill to master.

"The Reason" is a unique song in terms of delivery and lyrics. A song that is surely to get you energized and pumped up with power while uplifting your spirit through a tough day. As described by Ben-J, his latest song speaks of rebirth, self-acceptance, and the incessant need to create.

For an artist releasing his first-ever single, Ben-J sure does amass a powerful social media presence with over 800 likes on Facebook and 2600 Instagram followers, one can only imagine how far Ben-J will make it once his latest single goes viral. So be sure to show him your support by following him on his social media platforms. Social media presence is worth more than gold in this industry so be sure to support him.

So, stop whatever you are doing, and hop on Spotify to start steaming "The Reason". Once you like it because we already know you will be sure to show him all the love and recognition he needs to grow in this insanely competitive industry and be sure to check his website at to remain up to date with his latest music projects, releases, and music.

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