The People We Love (Original Album) By Connor Terrones

HYPE The People We Love (Original Album) By Connor Terrones

I enthusiastically announce that the legend of cross-genre mixing, Connor Terrones has finally dropped his latest album "The People We Love" and it is one hell of a blender of musical perfection. Connor is an inspiring artist with years of experience backing him up and an undeniable skill to mix genres in harmony unseen before in the industry.

Connor Terrones is an accomplished, well-established artist from Denver, United States that has created a unique musical brand for himself as a natural cross-genre music mixer. Backed by the experience he has accumulated through his love for music since being a child, Connor spent the majority of his time studying and playing the guitar, analyzing and breaking down the works of musical titans like Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, and Black Sabbath among many other legendary 70s rock artists before his admiration matured to the likes of James Brown, John Coltrane, J Dilla, D'Angelo, and so many other funk, jazz, hip-hop, and soul artists. The creative art we see today is the result of the synergy between the complexities of his role models, his undeniable talents, and years of experience and dedication to his art.

I’ve listened to Connor’s "The People We Love" and it is truly inspiring to see an artist achieve the impossible by pushing the limits on cross-genre mixing and amazingly succeed in the creation of such a beautiful harmonious production. I believe this album stands as an undeniable statement of Connor’s skills featuring a flawless mix-up between Hip-Hop, Pop, R&B, Funk, and Soul. So, give the man a shot, discover the limits of genre mixing and witness how years of dedication and experience influence a talented artist’s music. I believe in Connor’s case it is only a matter of time before he gets the global recognition he deserves.

Connor is a moderately established artist in the industry harboring over 2000 followers on his social media platforms between Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube, and over 1300 Monthly Spotify Listeners. He’s been picking up some momentum lately as the world recognizes his talent.

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