The Orchestra of Life (Original EP) By My Friend The Sun

TOP BEST HITS The Orchestra of Life (Original EP) By My Friend The Sun

Some music has the power to fascinate you to a realm of pure bliss and rapture. The melodies, harmonies, and rhythms combine to create an auditory paradise, lifting your mood and brightening your day like the warm glow of the sun. Such is the effect of MY FRIEND THE SUN, an inspired musical collaboration between Norwegian musicians Ole Tom Torjussen and Eivind S. Johansen.

On their EP "The Orchestra of Life," MY FRIEND THE SUN dazzles the ears with a kaleidoscopic sound that fuses progressive rock, folk, jazz, and traditional music into a radiant whole, the duo beckon listeners into their world of wonder with irresistible songs and instrumental prowess.

The title track bursts open the EP with a rush of exuberance, crunchy guitar riffs, and a hooky melody guaranteed to take up permanent residence in your brain. The raspy yet honeyed voice paints vignettes of natural splendor as the music glides by like the golden rays of our solar companion. Upon reaching the final chorus, with its swelling vocal harmonies and intertwining guitars, one feels bathed in the glow of the everlasting summer sun.

A hush falls over the atmosphere with "There Is Only One Song," as delicate acoustic strings and whispered vocals gradually blossom into something out of this world. For the duration of this tune, the world seems to stand still as you get lost in the lush textures of the track.

"The Obstacles Are The Path" brings a foot-stomping folk tune evocative of a leisurely stroll through the countryside. The uncluttered arrangement spotlights the vocals and gift for crafting a memorable melody. When the last chorus comes, you'll feel as if you have the whole world to yourself.

The EP closes with the jazz-tinged strains of "World of Wonders," a stripped-down number demonstrating MY FRIEND THE SUN's preternatural melodic sense and improvisational flair on guitar. Over a sparse yet propulsive groove, the vocal lines and guitar gives a joyful expression of musical kinship. Like the colorful hues of a sunrise seeping over the horizon, this tune awakens a sense of childlike awe and possibility.

With "The Orchestra of Life," MY FRIEND THE SUN have crafted a musical tribute to life's radiance that will brighten your day like the glow of their namesake.

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