TE/MO pours her heartbreak, hopes, and healing onto each track of her intimate first EP, MOTHER EP. In recounting the experience that set her soul-bearing musical journey in motion, it's easy to picture how shattered she felt that December day in 2022. After mustering the courage to seek help for unbearable pain, to then be dismissed and given not just one but multiple incorrect diagnoses, would be frightening enough. But to ultimately be misinformed of news no woman should bear alone - that her lifelong dream of becoming a mother was being denied to her - in that moment, her world collapsed. For TE/MO, whose sense of purpose and identity were entwined with envisioning herself as a mother one day, grief swallowed her whole. This is MOTHER EP.

The six-track EP walks listeners through each stage of her journey. We start off with \"a lullaby: when you arrive\" we hear a musical box, and glitchy effects that feel like you are waking up from a deep dream. Then, we are taken to the initial shock and plea to the heavens on "Mother I," where her anguished vocals soar over the piano. On "an interlude: Endome," TE/MO grapples with how her diagnosis is reshaping her life, depicted through layered harmonies and distorted synth textures.

A stark contrast, "Mother II: Theo" enthralls the listener straight into TE/MO's heart. In her dreams, she envisions loving a sweet baby boy named Theo, savoring each milestone as his first years pass in her mind's eye. Her ethereal voice is filled with a swirling torrent of emotion. All too soon, she wakes up to harsh reality, lonely in her loss.

Yet from despair comes hope, as TE/MO reveals in the empowering "Mother III". Driven by an uplifting piano melody and modern pop beat, she tells of realizing motherhood is defined not by what we cannot choose, but rather by what we create with the options we're given.

The final song on The MOTHER EP titled "an epilogue: 12/22" holds special meaning. On this track, TE/MO awakens on the anniversary of receiving her difficult medical diagnosis. The soft instrumentation and her vocals intertwine to convey both her inner strength and a reminder that recovering is not always simple. While she has made progress, some parts of her previous self may never fully return.

What comes across strongest as you listen to TE/MO open up is the raw emotional intimacy she invites you to share. By directly telling her personal story, you feel a deep connection to better understand her experiences. The production blends acoustic and electronic elements like a painting bringing each phase to life. Subtle details, such as the laughter of children in the distance, add touching layers that enhance comprehension of her journey.

If you have faced trauma, sadness, or uncertainty in systems meant to help but instead have let you down, The MOTHER EP will strike a chord within your very soul. Through The Mother EP, you will feel inspired by your process. Don't deny yourself the comfort, community, and creativity TE/MO's songs can offer; give The MOTHER EP a spin. I promise you will not regret opening your heart to her talents.

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