The Miss Mace Mixes (432hz) By AUTORUB

TOP BEST HITS The Miss Mace Mixes (432hz) By AUTORUB

Michael Corn has proven himself as one of the most talented and creative artists working today. Through his project Autorub, the multi-instrumentalist artist has amassed over 10k monthly listeners on Spotify. In addition to his work fronting noteworthy acts like post-grunge outfit Sammy and critically-lauded rockers Heydevils, Corn has composed music for hit TV shows including Pawn Stars, Wahlburgers, and Duck Dynasty.

With their latest project, titled "The Miss Mace Mixes (432hz)" Autorub prove themselves as energetic as ever, packing shrewd lyrical commentary into another incredibly fun-filled listen. Comprised of just two tracks - "Miss Mace (432hz)" and "Electronic Dance Mace 432hz" - this mini-album packs so much flavor into a petite package. The EP is tuned to 432Hz instead of the standard 440Hz. This might mean nothing to normal listeners and music enjoyers, but for people who are invested in music creation, it's like a key to accomplished thinking.

The lead track, "Miss Mace (432hz)," is a piano-driven odyssey that had me melting into my seat. Layers of instrumentation pile on like a musical tower, fully held together. The lyrics, a not-so-subtle dig at a certain congresswoman, walk that fine line between clever wordplay and quirkiness that I adore in this style of music. 

The B-side, "Electronic Dance Mace (432hz)," shows us how Autorub knows his way around music. Taking the key part from the outro of "Miss Mace" and running it through a blender of genres, Corn serves up a sonic cocktail that's intoxicating and original. EDM beats collide with rockabilly licks, while a vocoder-drenched voice intones the lyrics. It's the kind of track that would light up a dancefloor at 2 AM. 

After giving "The Miss Mace Mixes (432hz)" a few more spins, I've got to say, this mini-EP is growing on me like a catchy political slogan. While I initially gravitated towards the experimental flair of "EDMace," I'm finding myself increasingly drawn to the storytelling and melodic hooks of "Miss Mace (432hz)." The more I listen, the more I appreciate how these two tracks complement each other. It's like getting two sides of Autorub's musical personality in one succinct package. In retrospect, I wouldn't want to choose between them. This mini-EP works best as a cohesive whole.

Autorub have managed to create a stand-out sound for themselves. I'm genuinely excited to see where they go from here—Stream "The Miss Mace Mixes (432hz)" on Spotify. Believe me, you'll want to experience this sonic journey for yourself. 

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