The M9 Project (Original Album) By Styles1001

HYPE The M9 Project (Original Album) By Styles1001

Rasar Amani & Styles 1001 have recently teamed up on new project "The M9 Project"; an 11-song full-length album. With Rasar Amani being the main singer-rapper on the songs and Styles 1001 being the main producer of the record.

Both Rasar and Styles did an outstanding job on this project, not once overshadowing the other, they both did an amazingly completing the songs and giving us this masterpiece.

The album's opener, "One of these days," is a 7-minute piece that sounds like a dream. The voice and rapping are powerful, the beat is warm with beautiful jazz, that you can't help but bounce your head to the beat. On a leisurely Sunday, I'd suggest listening to this song while drinking a hot cup of coffee.

Track two, "King," follows suit and maintains the same cozy vibe, but the rapping and flow here sound stronger and more powerful, boosting the tune.

My favorite track from this album is track three, "2 point 2," which is flawless from beginning to end. . When you combine Rasar's wonderful flow with the dreamy production of Styles 1001, you get a work of musical perfection. Simply told, the song is fantastic.

With "Mellow Nine" "Seven" and "M9 manifest," they maintain the album powerful and robust . You could hear how talented Styles 1001 is with the production of every song.

"Save the Way," the next song on the album, is one of the tracks featuring guests on it. Including 5th Ave and Poor Majesty, giving the album character and making the final production even better than it was.

"Need to know" featuring Annie Jay is the second song with a featured artist; the rhythm and the way the voices flow so well give this song an amazing amount of strong energy. Following, "Walk with you," which is also an Annie Jay feature, it gives the same vibes and excitement that the first Annie feature had.

The last track is "thank you", a track that is jam-packed with melodies and deep vocals wrapping the whole project together. The song is more like the duo having a real conversation on a record to make this project deeper.

This entire album is golden, filled with melodic jazz, and brimming with personality and incredible lyricism. Styles 1001 and Rasar Amani have one of the greatest albums I've heard in a very long time; and honestly, you’re doing a mistake by not checking them out. So follow their socials and listen to "The M9 Project" on spotify.

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