The Lustful Arts (Original Single) By Galactapus

HYPE The Lustful Arts (Original Single) By Galactapus

Galactapus and their peculiar musical creation made me want to know about them more than any other musical group ever did. A brief history of the band; it consists of five people and is from Minneapolis, Minnesota. The band's members never reveal their identities and always go incognito; the music is solely created by the band inside their home; they never do live performances out of respect for their privacy.

"The Lustful Arts" is a unique and different single, this is the first time I've ever heard a song like this. It incorporates numerous instrumentals, such as guitars and drums, and has a boho feel to it.

Your brain tingles while you listen to the music, losing yourself completely in the song and not noticing when it ends. The band is beyond what I can even term experimental. They're creating a sound that isn't common in the music industry. If you look around, you won't find a song that evokes the same grand emotions as this one.

There isn't a clear message in the piece; rather, we as listeners can take whatever interest we choose in it. The aesthetic direction this band is taking is just up my alley, and I find it intriguing because it is both excellent and odd at the same time. I'm very glad I got to review this band. It is different, but in a sense that it implores you to know more and draws you in to the core, wanting to find out how their musical brilliance came to existence.

A particular mention should also go to the music video; I highly suggest seeing it before listening to the song by itself so you can fully understand what I'm talking about. The entire project is honestly such a thrilling ride full of originality and true art.

Galactapus is a band that is genuinely exceptional and unmatched. They're a group that, at first, will catch you off guard and draw you into their creative journey.

You'll adore Galactapus and their music, I can assure you, since we all enjoy finding new musicians, and I love presenting these artists for you. Give "The Lustful Arts" a listen, you wont regret it, and be sure to like and follow them on their social media to always be up to date on all of their latest news and releases!

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