Science fiction has long provided an escape from reality, exposing us to worlds of imagination and possibility. For Chattanooga-based singer-songwriter Jason Lyles, the genre offers inspiration and hope. These themes are included in his most recent single, "The Light," which debuted on February 16 and is a lively, enjoyable rock song.

Stacked guitars twirl around an intense beat, evoking visions of expansive landscapes as viewed from a starship's cockpit as it speeds across unexplored space.

Anyone who has encountered difficulties in life will be able to relate to the narrative of breaking bonds told in the lyrics. Drawing inspiration from Stephen Baxter's provocative writings, Jason imagines a world in which fascism rules mankind, but also one in which a single person has the guts to alter their fate. Its hopeful message feels all the more pertinent in the current climate. With his well-crafted songs, Lyles vividly and emotionally raises us, making this vision come to life.

The track benefits from Jason’s collaborative approach. Standout lead guitar from Gabe Lane adds grit and melody in all the right places. Meanwhile, cellist Stephanie Brooks' orchestral overdubs swell the sound to an arena-filling scale. Their talents combine seamlessly under the skilled production of drummer Andrew Preavett.

"The Light" rises sonically to new heights through these elite partnerships. "This track is some of my best work, and the one with which I've had the most creative freedom," said Lyles.

Mastering was provided by Brandon Allshouse which gives a clean, energetic feel that embraces the song's epic scope. Lyles did not cut corners to complete this big project.

With "The Light," Jason Lyles proves himself a visionary capable of blending genres, mediums, and stories into a well-rounded work of art that energizes the mind and nourishes the spirit. While we await his future efforts, "The Light" shines as an enticing first taste of what's to come. Stream "The Light" on all major platforms, which is now available worldwide. Now more than ever, the light of creativity and community is worth spreading far and wide. Take the chance to support innovative artists like Jason working to inspire and unite through their art.

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