Michael Lyon’s stirring new single “The Guy Who Won” couldn’t have arrived at a more fitting moment. Released ahead of another consequential election year, the song taps into a collective feeling of dismay at dishonesty in leadership, while maintaining hope that truth and justice may yet prevail. 

Through his refined vocals and masterful layering of Americana-tinged guitar, piano, and strings, he lays bare the disillusionment of being misled for too long. It’s a timely rallying cry delivered with subtle grace. Where bombastic protest songs risk preaching only to the choir, Michael’s understated appeal reaches across divides by appealing to those of us with shared hopes rather than divisions. The arrangement mirrors this conciliatory spirit, layering in extra instruments only gradually to build an atmosphere of quiet resolve.

The production is remarkably full, like a testament to Lyon’s multi-instrumental talents. He plays everything himself in the studio, lending the recording an honest, unfiltered feel. It’s very impressive how he handles vocals, guitars, piano, keyboards, strings, and percussion entirely solo. Most artists would require a full band or a production team to achieve such a rich, dynamic soundscape.

But Lyon’s DIY ethos mirrors the self-sufficient resilience at the core of his message. He’s not waiting around for the system to change or outside help to arrive. Through his skills and vision, he’s making the music he believes in.

It’s a refreshing approach in an era where loudness and gimmicks often take priority over substance. “The Guy Who Won” sticks to what matters, timeless songwriting and heartfelt delivery. The song will sound as poignant in five years as it does now.

In troubled times, many feel dismayed by dishonesty in leadership and disillusioned that the system seems broken beyond repair. But Michael Lyon’s “The Guy Who Won” serves as a reminder that we all have the power to change our circumstances if citizens unite behind the truth and hold representatives accountable to their words.

Michael has given a voice to that hopeful spirit and will no doubt inspire many seeking solace and solidarity through his message.

I must say, after multiple listens, “The Guy Who Won” has grown on me. If you only give one new song a listen this month, make it this one. Michael Lyon’s “The Guy Who Won” is so beautifully executed that it demands to be experienced. Check it out today on Spotify.

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