The Fesival (Original Single) By Dioneesus

JUST ROCK The Fesival (Original Single) By Dioneesus

Get ready to witness the barriers of creativity shatter with an incredible release that’ll blow your mind away. Dioneesus is an incredible artist that’s been around since 2020 and has failed to disappoint with his unmatched creativity when it comes to developing music. "The Festival" marks the first single release of his upcoming album, a little sneak peek into what the future will bring with "2024 Side B".

"The Festival" is an astonishing release that’s seriously gotten us on our toes as we wait for the announcement date for the full album. Featuring an astonishing mixture of hip-hop, electric guitars, and drums, it’s an iconic piece that syncs instruments together with captivating harmony that’ll take you on an unforgettable melodic journey like nothing else. Set to mark Dioneesus's biggest release to date, he’s gone all in on making it a remarkable one by dedicating a music video for it set to release on October the 15th and a behind-the-scenes documentary as well! While we hate doing you dirty like this, but you’re just going to have to settle for this partial release as there is no release date for the album so far!

From Pittsburgh to the world, Dennis McGrath, AKA Dioneesus, is stopping at nothing before becoming a global sensation. Backed by endless skills in rock and hip-hop, and an inextinguishable passion for experimenting with music, the limitations of his talents are endless! Changing and adapting over the years, from a punk band in 2011 to an incredible pop sensation in 2022, one thing has never changed, and that’s their goal. Setting out to unite the world through music, their art provides memorable entertainment that lifts your spirits while keeping that essence of thought-provocative lyrics that paint vivid imagery of a weird and magical festival between the walls of your mind.

Dioneesus is a true legend. You can expect the unexpected from his music, but one thing is for certain that it will grab your attention and have you addicted. He uses a combination of cultures and disciplines, which just make for a unique and remarkable listen.

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