The Edge (Original Single) by MJ Duke

Discover POP The Edge (Original Single) by MJ Duke
The Edge (Original Single) by MJ Duke The Edge (Original Single) by MJ Duke

The Edge (Original Single) by MJ Duke is an alternative pop track that speaks about important matters of the self. I love the vocals of MJ Duke he his such a unique voice with a specific tonality that just makes me fall in love with his song, it reminds me of the vibe of tom grennan and tom walker both remarkable artists as well. The lyrics of The Edge are meaningful and relatable, about knowing yourself and how life passes us by; MJ Duke describes it as "A track with deep roots delving into the topic of struggling with self belief, and overcoming negative thinking about oneself by turning the negatives into positives" He also makes it a point to explain how We spend most of our lives looking for meaning ,whilst glazing over the little things, Which if given more thought, can make our lives so simple, as he describes. I personally am in love with MJ Duke, his music and vocals drive me insane with their depth and clarity. He is definitely an upcoming artist that is worth the hype.

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