Kelsie Kimberlin is an emerging international singer-songwriter. Over the past years, she has built up her talents while traveling extensively, working with renowned producers across three continents. These experiences shine through in her dynamic vocal style, blending genuine pop emotion with textured global influences. Kimberlin is also outspoken in her advocacy for humanitarian causes, like supporting her native Ukraine during the ongoing conflict. With a devoted work ethic, she has self-released over a dozen singles, has gained over 14k followers on IG, and has received global streams and radio plays.

"The Drawer," her first-ever EP, is expected to elevate the quality of her art. With the appropriately titled "The Drawer", Kimberlin's pleasant vocals are introduced over an andante accompaniment that is rich in warm textures. The pop-synthy vibe of the melody "Meet Me Anywhere" is extremely similar to Kelsie's style.

The vivace of "Fatal Attraction" changes to a darker rocker, its jittery pulse pointing out the seductive attraction of desire. "January Through December" is an introspective pop ballad that values ordinary pleasures over imagined comforts found elsewhere. Meanwhile, the lively "Parking Lot," charmingly shot in Cartagena, is spiced with Latin touches. Kimberlin's fluent talent comes through on the global hit. With a sweet and bitter sound, the moving song "Summertime's Gone" is a moderato elegy for the transient nature of seasonal passion. "Twinkle" shines with joy, hope, and a celebration of uniqueness.

The last song "Recovery" represents Kimberlin's development as she humbly and resolutely owns up to her faults from the past. The work highlights actions that impede well-being and illustrates the challenging journey toward recovery under the guidance of adversity.

"The Drawer" made a big impression on me as a first album with its well-organized song sequences and genuine human stories. Kimberlin reveals her inherent talent as a performer and her astute observation of current musical trends. Her skilled voice technique infuses each minute element with genuine character. Unafraid to tackle difficult topics, there is a persistently hopeful undertone. I felt both calmed and empowered after listening to this realistic blend; the perfect effect of honest singer-songwriter music.

Across its eight polished pieces, "The Drawer" unveils Kelsie Kimberlin's masterful songcraft and range. Her vivacious passionate vocals inhabit each genuine story with ardent sincerity. Lyrically, Kimberlin explores life's multifaceted drawers: Relationships, identities, seasons and wellness with empathy and insight. Musically, she colors her confessional Pop with flourishes of Rock, Latin, and Balladry. "The Drawer" establishes Kimberlin as an artist of technical virtuosity sure to spread globally as her international artistry blossoms. Kelsie Kimberlin's debut EP marks the arrival of a significant new voice in Pop. Whatever platform you enjoy discovering new music, search for "The Drawer" now and hit play.

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