The Cry of War By GARY DRANOW


The opening riffs slice through the air like shrapnel, the drums pound like artillery fire. This is "Cry of War," by Gary Dranow, a new metal tune dedicated to the people of Ukraine as they withstand Russia's brutal invasion.

The song wastes no time, exploding right into a chugging onslaught of guitars and thunderous percussion. The effect is disorienting and overwhelming - just like the shock Ukrainians felt in those first days when missiles and tanks poured over their borders. The music captures that sense of confusion and dread.

The spotlight remains fixed on those metallic strings, even as the drums and bass keep up their relentless battery. The music pulses with adrenaline, the drums like a racing heartbeat. Ukraine will not break, and its head will remain unbowed. Even in their darkest hour, the people's spirit blazes bright. They will drive the invaders back, whatever it takes.

The guitar sings sadly for all the lives lost but rises with optimism for those still fighting. This is the voice of the Ukrainian people, daring to dream of the day the bombs go silent and their land is free again. The music drops, soft and prayerful. Can such a day come?

There is still much rebuilding to do. The dead must be properly mourned. But looking ahead, seeing the children play freely again, there is joy. A new chapter has begun. The crying guitars offer a tribute to all who bled for this dawn while welcoming the light of days to come. If people cling to their humanity, peace prevails. The song promises that the cry of war will not echo forever.

This is but one anthem written in solidarity with Ukraine. As always, Gary’s music gives voice to our highest hopes, channeling our emotions into something beautiful. This metal tune reminds us that where there is will, where there is community, there is hope. If hearts and minds stay strong, any invasion can be repelled. "Cry of War" is a soundtrack for keeping the faith alive, for believing freedom will rise again like the glorious sun on the Ukrainian flag. Its passion and resilience call on all of us to take strength from these people's stand, and to keep lighting candles in the darkness until peace comes.

If you want to support Gary Dranow, follow his social media pages. Give "Cry of War" a listen - I'm sure the intensity of Dranow's musical tribute will stir your soul.

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