AMARU is an internationally acclaimed, innately gifted recording artist, performer, and content creator with a massively growing global fanbase. In addition to his nearly 16k monthly listeners on Spotify and over 13k engaged followers on Instagram, AMARU is a member in good standing of both the Grammy and Latin Grammy voting bodies - a testament to his masterful musicianship and distinguished career. Further honors for his innovative and artistic work include five awards from the GMA, two wins from the GCMA, and one The Taste Awards.

BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA - MARCH 11: Amaru attends the 15th Annual Taste Awards at Writers Guild Theater on March 11, 2024 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Victoria Sirakova/Getty Images)

June 19th, 2024 marks not only an important day in celebrating Black history and culture but also sees the release of internationally acclaimed artist AMARU's highly anticipated new album project, "The Crime of Silence." "The Crime of Silence" comprises 16 new tracks that AMARU wrote, arranged, and performed himself, with production handled by his longtime collaborator Marcel van Ling. The album transports listeners effortlessly between dance floors, beaches, and introspective moments in life.

The first single "Help a Brotha Out" pulls you in with AMARU's passionate vocals laid over vibrant beats that are impossible not to dance to. "Este Hombre (El Tesoro)" takes the party energy up a notch with its bubbly rhythms. AMARU's brilliant Spanish delivery is a highlight. "Champagne Attitude (Ragga mix)" takes you to an endless beach bash.

Standouts like "Never (The Melanin Mix)" blend old-school hip-hop and rock influences into a memorable club track. AMARU's sultry vocals on "Traces of My Melanin" command you to sing along to the catchy chorus. Summer-evoking synths and feel-good delivery make "Frame" a sunny listen. "Just Let Them Eat Cake" incorporates playful accordion elements in tribute to its namesake French phrase.

More dancefloor-ready moments appear on tropical-tinged tracks like "Shake (Sterve It Up)." The album's most introspective moment arrives at the acoustic guitar-driven "The Crime Of Silence (acoustic Mix)," allowing AMARU's sharp vocals to shine. The album ends on a brilliant high note with the spirited "Dejanos Bailar (Muevete)," keeping the party going until the very end with its contagious Latin-infused pop smash.

AMARU who is using his creativity to promote and make a stronger society deserves my great respect. Being a good professional, he is not only entertaining the public but also spreading essential themes of diversity, equality, and cultural identity. I admire the way AMARU holds onto his heritage while pushing his music to a worldwide audience. Although the majority of the songs could be considered "party music" the fact that they all stand on their grounds makes them none the same.

Each composition has a touch of love and gives the audience the chance to cherish every moment by having the time to think about their lives, the world, and where we are heading. Some songs are made for the party scene, but AMARU's craftsmanship makes sure that "The Crime of Silence" will remain in people's hearts more than just another popular track.

AMARU, apart from the album, has taken another move by shooting a "behind-the-scenes" documentary which serves as an insight into the making of the album called "AMARU - The Crime Of Silence (A Musical Narrative)." Calling back to the significance of the day and appreciating it with the unique expression of the music, "Juneteenth" released on this day stands as an applaudable deed that is set to become a point in history. "The Crime of Silence" asks its listeners to get both engaged and thoughtful, just as AMARU challenges borders with his career that has no clear boundaries. Watch the documentary online, the album can also be streamed on Spotify.

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