The Blessed Ghost (Original Album) by Voodoo Bloo

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The Blessed Ghost (Original Album) by Voodoo Bloo The Blessed Ghost (Original Album) by Voodoo Bloo

Voodoo Blood the Rock band hailing from Newzealand has released a new album "The Blessed ghost" after their previous album release "Jacobus”.

"The Blessed ghost" is a 12 track album starting with an intro to self discovery "The Blessed Ghost (Younger Then)" that talks about changing from a teenager into adulthood and the last teenage day; A magnificent way to start the album with the journey of self discovery. This album is a unique concoction that has tracks ranging from Indie-Rock bangers to hard-hitting Alt-Rock along with a touch of Grunge for good measure. This album Blessed showcases Voodoo Bloods versatility and ability to conquer different genres as a talented one of a kind band.

Rory the lead singer/songwriter tells us that : "This album is not a story of a young adult trying to make his way through life, a breakup story or even one about loss, this was truly an adventure in self discovery, and it’s affected me in such a way that I know I’ll never be able to look at this time without pain-staking clarity because of it."

With meaningful and relatable lyrics, and head bopping tunes. "The Blessed ghost" will get you hooked and enchanted with its singles that you keep it on repeat. This album is an amazing peace of art by Voodoo Blood that you should definitely give a listen to, it is truly a magnificent album.

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