The Bitch In Me (Original Single) By Vargen

TOP BEST HITS The Bitch In Me (Original Single) By Vargen

The guitar riff that introduces "The Bitch In Me," the newest single from Swedish musician Vargen's forthcoming debut album, has a tantalizing pull. The layered, melodic lines swirl together as the rest of the instrumentation slowly builds, setting the stage for Vargen's strikingly effusive vocal performance.

Over simple yet driving drums, bass lines, and perfectly placed keyboard fills, Vargen's guitar work takes center stage. The instrumental chorus bursts with melodic beauty, the kind we've come to expect from the masters of 1970s classic rock. Vargen chooses each note deliberately, crafting hard-hitting riffs that demand you turn up the volume. The solo in the song stops time altogether, marrying technical skill with profound musicality.

While paying obvious homage to artists like Neil Young, Vargen utilizes classic rock tropes to carve out his own distinct identity. His vocals walk the line between raspy and alluring, emotive without crossing into melodrama, making the track timeless yet stylish, with tightly wound guitar playing and immense melodic gifts.


At just under four minutes, "The Bitch In Me" offers a preview of the concise, expertly crafted songwriting we can anticipate from Vargen's upcoming full album. Each instrument has its own dynamic role to play yet comes together seamlessly in his signature smooth and powerful sound.

Classic rock aficionados eager for new talent to obsess over are about to get what they've been hoping for and then some. If "The Bitch In Me" is any indication, Vargen's debut album promises to raise the bar for the genre. His meticulously crafted songs demonstrate near-mastery over the stylistic touchstones he honors while bending them to his will. If Neil Young laid the foundation, it appears Sweden's Vargen is ready to build the towering cathedral.


With the release of Vargen's ambitious project later this year, classic rock aficionados will find an album that pays homage to rock's founding principles but also stretches the genre's boundaries, hinting at the future of rock music. "The Bitch In Me" stimulates our appetite for the genius that undoubtedly awaits on the rest of the record. Sweden's most exciting new rock talent has arrived, and if this single is any sign, he's here to stay. Stream the single on Spotify now and follow Vargen to keep up with news surrounding his upcoming releases.

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