TOP BEST HITSThe Aftermath of 2016 (Original Album) By Trish Discord

June 17, 2022 by saiidzeidan
The Aftermath of 2016 (Original Album) By Trish Discord The Aftermath of 2016 (Original Album) By Trish Discord

Trish Discord is a great indie self-established artist from Queens, NY, who gets her inspiration from the Brooklyn grunge scene when writing her songs. She has two degrees in psychology. This has inspired her to incorporate mental health issues into her music. Trish has always sung and took guitar lessons in college. Her latest release is a one-of-a-kind album. As she declared, "A politically-charged album with catchy rock vibes and something to say." the album feature 10 Orginal full-length tracks, starting with the first one, 23 followed by Desire (Remastered), Strife (Remastered), I Can't Wait to Forget You, Take Me Away, Split, Red Sun, In Another Life, Crashing, E Last but not least is "This is the End" Every track has different vibes and original instrumental variations, giving Trish Discord a unique, recognizable identity when listening to her music. This is a great album, and you definitely should play it all.

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