That Will Be Me (Original Single) By Michael Peloso

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Michael Peloso’s "That Will Be Me" is a moving musical testament to the strength in the shadow of death. Released on April 6 following Peloso’s near-fatal battle with cancer, the towering ballad was written and produced by Peloso himself as a message of hope to his young daughters.

Every note of "That Will Be Me" pulsates with emotion, from the piano intro that swells like the dawn sun rising to the stirring string section that builds like a symphony of souls ascending to heaven. Marisa Frantz provides vocals that give voice to angelic choirs, bringing a heavenly grace to lyrics already weighted with sacred significance.

The irresistible optimism and spiritual radiance of "That Will Be Me" is a testimony to the perseverance of Peloso’s indomitable human spirit in the face of death. Nearly losing his life has only intensified his devotion to love, faith, and family. Underneath the song’s aura of transcendence lies a moving single that will undoubtedly help many people who grieve a loved one, Michael has made this world a better and brighter place for countless people who have loved and lost.

Every element of "That Will Be Me" wields emotional power like a sledgehammer. Yoed Nir’s cello, Hector Ruano’s bass, and Sami Turunen’s guitar create a whole, lush sonic landscape for the melody and vocals to inhabit. As producers, Peloso and Matthew Shell crafted the arrangement with a surgeon’s precision, balancing moments of crescendo with pensive, lingering grace notes that subtly reshape the listener’s heart.

Written during his recovery, "That Will Be Me" overflows with peace and emotions. This anthem celebrates survival and persevering to embrace life's joys and passions with renewed fervor after facing mortality. Michael Peloso emerged from his battle with colon cancer with a profound appreciation for each moment and a mandate to spread encouragement. On "That Will Be Me," that imperative is discharged masterfully. This song achieves the gateway of heaven, complete and sated in every way. It compels you to inhale deeply, firmly convinced that all will be well in the end. It's an inspirational tune ideally suited to today's world, and Peloso delivered a work of art. You must experience it on any streaming platform you favor, and follow Michael for further inspiration.

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