Tas Phania (The Bootleg Series, Vol. 1 – Original EP) By Max Goedecke

JUST ROCK Tas Phania (The Bootleg Series, Vol. 1 – Original EP) By Max Goedecke

Max Goedecke is a German musician and Instagram sensation who has built a massive global audience through his street performances and videos. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Goedecke took to the streets of Europe to play impromptu shows in cities across the continent, from London to Paris to Rome and Lisbon. His Instagram account @tas_phania became a popular destination for music fans in lockdown, gaining over 30,000 subscribers looking for a dose of virtuosic guitar skills and clips of European city life. Now, Max Goedecke is back with new EP "Tas Phania (The Bootleg Series, Vol. 1)".

The 6-track EP starts with the song ‘NY Star’. The first thing that struck me about this track is the artist’s vocals. His pitch range is impressively wide, and his voice carries nice vibrations that evoke emotions in the listener. The guitars are loud and strong, complementing the vocals nicely. The next song, ‘Jojo’s Kingdom’, has a pleasant drumbeat and beautiful acoustic guitars. What I loved the most about this track is how alive the vocals sound, as if the artist is performing live in your presence. The vocals feel incredibly real, authentic, and intimate, allowing the listener to deeply connect with the music.

My absolute favorite on the EP is ‘Two Worlds’. The production on this track is very spacious, with guitar strings that hit all the right emotional notes. Again, the vocals are a highlight, sounding crazy authentic and deeply felt. The artist's voice and the instrumentation work together seamlessly to create a moving experience. In the song ‘Roll Down’, an excellent guitar opener sets the mood, which is then maintained throughout the track. The guitar playing is colorful and emotive, making this another standout track on the EP. ‘Wonderwall’ starts in a more emotional and haunting way. The song is centered on piano keys and vocals, which collaborate to stir the listener's heartstrings. The EP closes with ‘Back Home’, which begins with a harmonica. You can immediately sense that this track will be a highlight of soulful, deep music that touches the heart. The production is emotive and intense, enveloping the listener in the artistic expression.

If you're looking for music that moves you, that makes you feel less alone, dive into "Tas Phania (The Bootleg Series, Vol. 1)". Then follow Max Goedecke on his socials and beyond, so you can join him on his journey, growing and learning as his sound develops. His boundless talent is sure to yield more must-listen music, and you'll want to be among the first to hear the latest from this powerful new voice.

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