Tangos of the Magic Reality (Original Album) By Jánnos Eolou

TOP BEST HITS Tangos of the Magic Reality (Original Album) By Jánnos Eolou

Heralding "Tangos of the Magic Reality" by Jánnos Eolou, is a splendid composition ages in the making. This extraordinary symphonic Tango piece stands as a monument to Eolou's brilliance and draws on the mystical world of Magical Realism, a global art movement. With its blend of String Orchestra, Piano, and Accordion, Eolou's creation fuses classic tango orchestration and a modern cinematic style permeating the 18 tracks spanning one hour, mesmerizing listeners through varied tangos.

The warm and inviting sounds of the orchestra and graceful piano with peaceful notes on the opening track "Long Summer Shaddows" set the tone, evoking summer nights and fascinating listeners. "Panther" follows with a joyous tango featuring an accordion that paints images of masked dancers swirling under the moonlight. The accompaniment arrangement stirs a range of emotions that move in harmony. "Maze" stands out as a hauntingly beautiful composition featuring a bittersweet tango that lingers in the memory. "Wind on Sand" sweeps listeners away with whirling warmth and intensity.

As the album progresses, "Elysee" takes listeners into the depths of the subconscious through ethereal piano sounds and subtle orchestral touches that blend beautifully, guiding us through a dreamlike state where reality and fantasy merge. "Jealousy" features an upbeat waltz brought to life by the spirited interplay of piano and strings, dancing through the imagination with no care. "You Are My Book" unveils mysterious tales whispered by the strings, leaving listeners in awe of the passions evoked.

"Smokey Eyes" enchants with its whimsical melodies and harmonies woven by the piano and accordion, while the strings create anticipation and wonder. "Peacock" beckons listeners to a spectacle of illusions created by the orchestral accompaniment. "Mirrors" soars with triumph and resilience, fueling determination through the fiery gusto of the tango and soaring strings.

The album culminates in "Elysee II," a grand finale that encapsulates the entire musical work. The fervent zeal of the tango intertwines with piano, accordion, and strings, building to a crescendo of emotions that reminds listeners of the transformative power of music to transport the mind.

This diverse album takes listeners on a beautiful musical journey through the genre of tango. The passion, emotion, and nuanced musicality on display in these 18 tracks makes this a worthy addition to any music lover's library. The album is highly recommended for those seeking an hour of captivating melodies and moving compositions to enter the spirit. To experience this melodic expedition for yourself, be sure to stream the album on Spotify and follow the great composer Jánnos Eolou on social media to stay up to date on future works from this talented creator.


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